What is UNEX?

UNEX is an international postal survey carried out on behalf of the International Post Corporation. Our aim is to help the International Post Corporation and Local Postal Organisations to monitor and improve the service they provide their customers with regards to delivery of international mail.

We have panellists in each participating country who send international first class mail to other panellists in different countries. For each country we have specialised coordinators who keep contact with our panellists in their own language and ensure support is provided to them.

What are the criteria for becoming a panellist?

If you are able to send and receive mail daily and live in one of the participating countries you could be a part of our panel. You can either join as a private panellist and send/receive mail from your home or you can be a panellist from your workplace. We will provide you with all the materials you need and our country coordinators will contact you regularly. You will be rewarded for your participation.

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